Far Cry is a shooting game franchise that is also quite popular in the FPS gaming genre. I’ve played many Far Cry games myself and I am pleased with its gameplay.

Just this year, they have released a new Far Cry game that is unlike any other game previously released in the franchise.

Today, we are going to talk about Far Cry Primal. As previously mentioned, this game was just released recently and there are already a lot of praises for it.

Now, I also mentioned before that this game deviates from other Far Cry games, right? Well, that is because the setting is different. The game is set in the prehistoric era (10,000 BC to be exact) and during that time, it was the beginning of the Mesolithic Era.

Your character lives in a fictional area called the “Oros Valley”. What people love about this game, aside from its gameplay, is the attention to detail. The game is set in a world where there is no technology. So, expect to revisit nature in a more graphically-intense way.

Because the game is set in the prehistoric ages, expect to come up close and personal with prehistoric animals. These animals range from Cave bears, Dire Wolves, Sabre-toothed tigers, Woolly Rhinos, and Mammoths.

I’ve never played prehistoric games before so this will be an entirely new treat for me. The game is also expansive because not only will you meet these exotic and fierce animals, but you can also explore the vast map as well.

The story of the Far Cry Primal revolves around Takkar, a top warrior from the Wenja tribe. Takkar starts off with his mates hunting for food when suddenly, a saber-toothed tiger ambushed him and tribemates.

He was the only one left and he barely escaped the Saber-toothed tiger’s grasp. Wandering alone, Takkar met Sayla who happens to be in the same tribe.

Upon arriving at the Oros Valley, Sayla tells Takkar that their tribemates are now scattered because the Ull tribe conquered theirs while Takkar was gone.

Takkar then regroups his Wenja tribemates in a cave where a Shaman who calls himself “Tensay” appeared. Tensay teaches Takkar and the remaining Wenja tribe how to tame local animals to do their bidding.

After Tensay taught them how to control the animals, Takkar and a few of his tribemates are on the quest of defeating the Ull tribe. Takkar later found out that the Ull tribe wanted to eat the people from Takkar’s tribe in the hopes of treating an incurable disease.

Basically, the game revolves around fighting rival tribes as the Ull tribe is not the only tribe you will face. There is also another tribe that takes Wenja tribesmen to be sacrificed to a God, and there is also a tribe that just wants to conquer other tribesmen.

The Far Cry Primal is a very good first-person shooting game because it dons an entirely new setting and that the graphics are also superb. If you’re looking for a great FPS shooting game, then the Far Cry Primal will not disappoint.