Any place that doesn’t have a strong cell phone signal will demand the use of mobile phone signal boosters. While you may not need such a device if you are camping at a remote locale for just a day, you might want such solutions if poor mobile phone network coverage or weak cell phone signals are a part of your daily life. Regardless of where you are and what type of mobile phone you use, whether you use data and voice or just voice, you must have a strong mobile phone signal. With r4 3ds nintendo If the networks, carriers and the towers fail you, then you need mobile phone signal boosters.

Mobile phone signal boosters typically have four components. There is an outside antenna which receives the radio waves and there is a cable or cables connected to this outside antenna which transmits the radio waves onto an amplifier inside. Then there is an antenna inside the building which will enhance the signal strength. The same apparatus will be used when radio waves have to be transmitted from a mobile phone back to the tower. The inside antenna receives the radio waves, transmits them through the amplifier and the cables onto the outside antenna and there on the outside antenna re-transmits the radio waves back to the nearest tower.

You may come across such an elaborate setup but you are more likely to come across compact panels. Contemporary mobile phone signal boosters are not always very large or a setup of independent pieces. But the compact panels also use the same concept and have the same technology. There are antennas, amplifiers and repeaters inside the compact mobile phone signal boosters, the only difference is that they are miniature but stronger variants of the conventional models.

Mobile phone signal boosters can be of various types depending on their strengths, capacity and specific attributes. For instance, the antennas can be unidirectional or omni-directional. The former will be able to connect with only one tower in one direction while the latter will be able to connect or receive and send radio waves from and to more than one tower in all directions. The latter is useful if you need a signal boost of multiple networks or carriers. The former is good for only one carrier. Likewise, there are dome antennas and panel antennas. The former is ideal for a small area in one floor while the latter is good for large areas across multiple floors.