Have you been thinking about trying HCG drops as part of a HCG diet for real weight loss? If so, then you may be wondering just where you might be able to get HCG drops for weight loss. Here, we will explore the different options of where you can get these drops, as well as the pros and cons of each choice. If you have never bought HCG drops before, but would like to try them, you should certainly read this article before doing anything else.


Quite a few clinics that offer HCG drops and injections on a weekly basis have sprung up around the country. Many of these clinics also offer things like support groups, dietary plans and support, and more. However, for many dieters, the price range of these clinics can be far out of reach. Typical reported prices seem to range from $500 to somewhere over one grand for each week of membership in these sorts of clinics. Not only that, but you have to live close to one of these clinics unless you want to be traveling quite a bit throughout the week to get your injections and more.

Supplement Stores

Some supplement stores (and health stores) sell HCG drops, pellets, or other forms of the supplement. When compared to the price patients are paying at clinics, this is a great option for many. However, in this case, you must find your own HCG diet guide, go out when you need more supply of the supplement, and will not be able to find local support groups (or may have a hard time finding support groups, period). For many users, not having support makes dieting very difficult. It can also be inconvenient to have to travel to these stores, often, and pay from $40-$250 per bottle.


Buying HCG drops or supplements online can give you the best of both worlds. You can order from the convenience of your own home, find some of the best deals, anywhere, and can have them shipped directly to you. Best of all, many websites online that offer the supplements also offer the diet guide, and may even offer online support groups for users of their products. Although some of these things may cost extra above what you are paying for the products themselves, the investment can really be worth it.