Genji is probably one of the most badass characters in Overwatch right now. Because of this, he is going to get nerfed but not to the extent that he is unplayable. His ultimate ability will now have a 6-second time frame than the original one which is 8-seconds long.

Still, Genji’s abilities and his prowess cannot be overlooked. One skilled Genji can literally wipe out an entire team.

Do you want to be a pro Genji Player? Then here are the 5 Genji tips you should know to turn yourself into a badass Ninja in the game.

1. Always use double jump. Genji has an amazing double jump ability which allows him to, well, double jump. This is what makes Genji survive even in tough situations. If you use double jump always, it will be harder for your enemies to hit you. Furthermore, by double jumping over your opponents, you can shoot them while you’re at it. But, in order to be efficient on this, you need to have a really good aim. Double jumping will not only make it hard for your enemies to hit you but it will also be equally hard for you to aim at them as well. So, be sure to have your aim improved first.

2. Always use Deflect whenever possible. Genji has the ability to deflect incoming fire. And when I say deflect, I mean that he can deflect almost anything. He can deflect incoming projectiles, heck, he can even deflect ultimate abilities as well! The only thing that he cannot deflect is laser attacks or attacks that are pretty consistent. For example, Winston’s primary fire and Zarya’s primary fire cannot be deflected. Be sure to use deflect whenever possible and if you encounter either a Winston or Zarya, go back to where your teammates are and kill them from there.

3. Swift Strike In and Out. Genji’s left-shift ability is the swift strike and what he does is he will instantly swish through your opponents if you aim at them. But, his swift strike ability is not only good for killing your enemies but it can also be a potent tool to get out of harm’s way. Just aim away from your enemies and use this ability to run away. It is lightning quick and it has a relatively short cooldown.

4. Use Genji’s primary and alternate fire strategically. Genji has two modes of fire. His primary attacks (left-click) will have Genji throw a stream of three shurikens toward your enemy while his alternate fire (right-click) will have Genji fire his three shurikens in a horizontal manner. Each of them can be potent and should be utilized depending on the situation. For the most part, use Genji’s primary fire to waste the enemy’s HP. When your enemy’s about to die, either use Genji’s alternate fire or Swift Strike to do the job.

5. Use everything at your disposal. Use Genji’s abilities at your disposal. Genji, if used correctly, is one of the best characters in the game. He can literally wipe his enemies with a single ultimate and he can also evade enemy fire with the use of his abilities as well.

Genji might be overpowered but he can be countered. If you want to be a good Genji player, be sure to follow the 5 tips I’ve outlined above.